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Home and Office Decluttering & Organization

Home and Office Decluttering & Organization - CLOSET DESIGN | WARDROBE EDITING | SPACE PLANNING

  • Household STUFF! We all have it …. Let’s determine what items are important to you and develop the best systems to keep things accessible and optimize space.  
  • Maybe you share your home with family – Do kids cook in the kitchen with you?  Do you share a closet with a spouse?  Are you planning a renovation? Organization and space planning to have daily routines harmonize with other people can be just as important as flying solo!
  • Same goes for your office …. Increased workflow and productivity will save you time and energy.  Additionally, a layout that caters to how and when tasks need to be executed will destress you in the process

  • Do you love your paper files but have too much?  THAT'S OK!  Perhaps getting rid of all your paper is not an option.  Let us help you go paper "less".
  • Or maybe digital clutter is the culprit.  Let's strategize to develop a file finding system that best suits how you work. 


Photo Organization


File Management & Photo Organization - PAPER FILES | DIGITAL FILES | PHOTO DIGITIZATION

  • Do you have paper photos in too many places? …. in photo albums, boxes, under beds or in closets?
  • Are your digital photos stored on too many electronic devices? …. on phones, computers, discs, memory cards?

Let’s find all your photos, sort them and create a manageable, enjoyable system for viewing and adding to them in the future!

Workshops | Speaking Engagements

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Custom-tailor a Speaking Engagement

Contact us to custom-tailor a speaking engagement or workshop for you, your business or an organization of your choice.

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